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Welcome to Phonics Stars – Phonics and Fun for Everyone!

What is Phonics Stars? We hear you ask…

Phonics Stars™ is an organisation that supports children to learn letters and the their sounds through movement, play and dance. Encouraging physical development, speech and language, listening skills, visual tracking and muscle building.

Our licensed and trained class leaders engage children and adults to learn phonics through the phases in a range of ways. 

We believe children are able to grow a love love of learning letters and sounds through play and having fun. We aim for children to develop a positive relationship with phonics for we believe our sessions provoke feelings of happiness.

We believe in the principles and teaching Practices of high quality phonics. Promoting the 7 aspects and 3 strands of letters and sounds, in particular Phase 1 and phase 2. 

Our educational and interactive club offers engaging covid safe, face to face and online sessions which are fun, educational and interactive; providing children with the foundations for learning, thus supporting school ‘readiness’ and much more!

We positively promote letters and sounds, imaginative play, creativity and physical development.

We believe our classes promote good mental health and support the well-being of children and adults through active learning through play.

Phonics Stars sessions are attended by children and families within our communities. We also deliver sessions within schools, nurseries and preschools.

Our classes are themed around a sound of the week, and focus on letter / phoneme recognition, pronunciation as well as supporting the development of muscle and motor strength, fine motor skills, pencil grip, visual tracking, hand eye coordination, speaking, listening and communication and lots more.

The range of activities provided offers children from around the age of 2 1/2 years, a variety of learning opportunities which link to the Early Years Foundation Stage, we offer ideas and support to extend activities or simplify.

Many families, schools, preschools and nurseries receive support and advice from an experienced Early Years practitioner or teacher who is licensed, trained and supported through Phonics Stars ™️

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Phonics Stars™ bring letters and sounds to life! Helping to build the foundations for learning in a happy, safe and stimulating environment.

Want to know why we do what we do? Read what parent and carers have to say about us or do you believe what we believe?

Most classes are held during term-time and special one off classes during school holidays. Phonics Stars™ classes are growing across a UK-wide network. Find your nearest classes.

Thank you for your interest in Phonics Stars Phonics and Fun for Everyone!

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Phonics Theory

Phonics (aka synthetic phonics) is a process designed for teaching reading and writing of the English language.

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