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Fun and Educational toddler groups featuring phonics, words and interactive phonics games

Phonics LessonsPhonics Stars  provides early learning education to Pre school Children in order to build knowledge and confidence and thereby provide the best possible transition into School. Phonics Stars  Class Leaders hold fun, educational and interactive classes for Children from around 18 months/2 years to 5 years. These feature innovative phonics activities and interactive phonics activities based on phonics sounds that encourage children to want to play phonics games, literacy games and other Pre school games that build the foundations for learning in a happy and stimulating environment.

And if you want to know why we do what we do, read what parent and carers have to say about us or do you believe what we believe?

Most classes are held during term-time in public halls in a growing UK-wide network. Find your nearest classes.

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Lasting for an hour and they are fun filled, energetic sessions; but there is much more to it than that…

Phonics Classes

Phonics Theory

Phonics (aka synthetic phonics) is a process designed for teaching reading and writing of the English language.

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