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⭐️ ❗️ BREAKING NEWS ❗️⭐️🌟Brand new Phonics Stars Online Classes🌟Book now – Our fun, educational and interactive classes are now accessible from the comfort of your own home, through an exclusive private members only Facebook group!❗️Phonics Stars™️ @home! Launches 1st June❗️We are all about PLAY! Everything we do is active, fun and exciting – we have minimal screen time but maximum FUN TIME!🌟Access as and when you wish, throughout the week!These fabulous activities will be theme based, with a brand new child-friendly focus each week for you and your little ones to get involved with, together.Each week you will find a unit of work consisting of:⭐️ A Happy Monday warm up and welcome dance, along with having fun with our letter sounds!⭐️ 3 pre – recorded activities with printable resources.⭐️ 1-2 live activities such as a…⭐️ Live story or a…⭐️ Virtual Show and TellEvery week we will be working on a range of different pre-school skills, linking to the EYFS, supporting school readiness and their general development.Alongside weekly interactive phonics related activities, you’ll be dancing, muscle building and moving! We also provide tasks linked to numeracy, fine and gross motor skills and much much more – all through innovative games and play based activities. Support and guidance from your Phonics Stars™️ teacher.Welcoming children aged 2 to 5 and the whole family to join in on the action! Top tips on how to simplify activities for younger children and extend learning for older children.Promoting active learning through play! 🏡At really competitive class fees at only £20 for a monthly block this equates to £5 a week🌈Book today.Email Or Visit PLEASE DROP ME A THUMBS UP 👍OR A LOVE HEART ❤️IF YOU ARE AS EXCITED AS WE ARE!

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A fun and educational club that promotes active learning through play, supporting school readiness.

Interactive sessions feature phonics, letters and sounds with innovative games, dance, movement and muscle building exercises.

Phonics LessonsPhonics Stars  provides early learning education to pre school children in order to build knowledge, develop confidence with the aim to provide the best possible transition into school.

Phonics Stars  class leaders hold fun, educational and interactive classes for children from around 2 years to 5 years of age. Offering public sessions to children with their parents and carers, working closely with pre-schools and nurseries, and holding after school classes and intervention sessions within primary schools for children in foundation stage (Reception) and KS1.

The sessions feature innovative phonics activities which introduce children to letters and sounds whilst developing fine and gross motor muscle strength.  Activities include listening games, dance, sports, craft, even some number work too. It is all about play based learning, movement and having fun!

Children and adults have fun taking part in a range of creative and play based experiences which can be continued at home. Preschools and nurseries learn teaching methods, techniques and activity ideas that can be continued within their setting, they have an opportunity to gain observations and work with the class leader. Class leaders also offer CPD with separate in-house training and events.

Phonics Stars focus closely on Phase 1 phonics from Letters and Sounds, the most recent publication from DFE. Sessions are carefully planned to support the 7 aspects from phase one.

Classes introduce children to the wonderful world of letters ,sounds and so much more….

🌟Sounds, letter recognition and formation

🌟Number work and shape, space and measure 🎲

🌟Fine and Gross motor skills 🤽‍♀

🌟Physical development🏃‍♂

🌟Dance, movement and sports

🌟Moving and handling objects🤲

🌟Mark making ✏

🌟Crossing the midline

🌟Visual tracking✏

🌟Developing Creativity ✂

🌟Small world work 🐜

🌟Building positive relationships 👩‍👧‍👦

🌟Turn taking and social skills 👫

🌟Self Confidence, pronunciation, speaking, listening and communication


Phonics Stars™ bring letters and sounds to life! Helping to build the foundations for learning in a happy, safe and stimulating environment.


Want to know why we do what we do? Read what parent and carers have to say about us or do you believe what we believe?

Most classes are held during term-time and special one off classes during school holidays. Phonics Stars™ classes are growing across a UK-wide network. Find your nearest classes.

Thank you for your interest in Phonics Stars Phonics and Fun for Everyone!

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Phonics (aka synthetic phonics) is a process designed for teaching reading and writing of the English language.

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