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Our Phonics Stars™ Occupational Therapy Consultant

Emma Bridson – Occupational Therapist BSc (Hons)

As an Occupational Therapist with a special interest in neuro-rehabilitation, I am proud to consult with Sam Baldwin and the rest of the Phonics Stars™ team on the use of neuro-developmental techniques for Phonics Stars™ classes. Sam and the class leaders use wonderfully creative approaches and a wide range of innovative activities which also include the interactiveNo photo description available. Play Go Party™ and The Shimmi Dance™ routines. These activities are carefully planned around specific exercises through the occupations of play and education to develop and improve young children’s upper limb motor functions, sensory functions, speech and language, and cognitive and social skills.

We have worked together to optimise the techniques to provide enjoyable and stimulating repetition that is fundamental to neuroplasticity and learning. The children are fully engaged in the flow of play, and with stimulating education that crucially appeals to all learning modes.

Emma recommends this great article about the very powerful occupation of play; relevant to what we promote at Phonics Stars™! Read here