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Welcome to, the primary online channel for all of our Phonics Stars™ classes – and all the Children, Families, Communities, Schools and Class Leaders involved in spreading the Phonics Stars™ happiness and advantages.

We hope that this site serves its basic function to provide useful insights into what we do, why we do it, how and where we deliver it and who we do it for. But this just the starting point…

In addition, this site supports all the work we do with Parents and Carers who believe what we believe – because our weekly classes are just the tip of the Phonics Stars™ iceberg.

Our classes encourage Parents and Carers to carry on with our themes, interactive phonics games and phonics activities throughout the week. To support that process, this site will begin to make available some of the resources and activities developed and adapted for our classes to use at home, on holiday or anywhere.

So look out for lots of news, views, footage, photos and fun. And if you have anything to suggest, please contact us via this site. We welcome and value your input.