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Share your Phonics Stars™ stories and pictures.

Do you have a great Phonics Stars™ related story or picture to share? We have been inspired by this young man, Wonder Wilf! Wilf attends one of our classes in London. Surrounded by sun, sea and sand on his holidays, Wilf was keen ready to practice his mark-making skills – in the sand. What a

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Phonics research supports Phonics Stars ™ initiative – providing all the King’s horses and all the King’s men are not summoned as the next step.

Writing here in May 2016, it is more than two years since our Founder Samantha Baldwin recognised a fundamental unmet need at the primary education level, and formed Phonics Stars ™ to address that need. Sam was then an Early Years Educator working in a London Primary School. There, she experienced, first hand and at

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Welcome to, the primary online channel for all of our Phonics Stars™ classes – and all the Children, Families, Communities, Schools and Class Leaders involved in spreading the Phonics Stars™ happiness and advantages. We hope that this site serves its basic function to provide useful insights into what we do, why we do it,

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