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Career Change? Term Time Jobs?

Are you looking for Fulfilling, Rewarding, Term Time Jobs?  This summer we are out and about across the UK looking for talented people who feel undervalued, underpaid, and ready to empower themselves; to take control and build a new, rewarding career using their creative and communication skills.

Phonics Stars

Term time jobs that are Fulfilling and Rewarding

With 30% of four and five year olds Children entering full time education not ‘School Ready’, 43% leaving Primary School without achieving the required threshold and 45% for Secondary Schools, we need people who believe what we believe, and want to make a difference in their community.  We provide early intervention to help Children go on to achieve the qualifications and confidence they will need by providing an enjoyable and enriching start to their education.  That’s Our Cause.

We need people who are passionate about teaching and fun, and who can bring their Classes to life with their personal energy and enthusiasm.  You don’t need to be a former Teacher, but experience of working in a formal or informal setting with Children is a great advantage, including your own!

Phonics Stars™ Licences work well for individuals who want to generate an income during term time and school hours and who want to build a rewarding and valuable business around their own lifestyle with plenty of time off.  For just three contact hours per week during term time only, Class Leaders can earn almost £10,000 a year.  Working just twenty contact hours per week during term time only can bring over £80,000 of income.

Phonics Stars

Term time work like these Class Leaders

We hasten to add that this is not a franchise.  We only accept applicants who are able to meet, and maintain, our qualification criteria. They then receive a comprehensive combination of training, resources and support needed to gain a Licence and to operate classes in an agreed, exclusive territory.  There is a set-up cost for this, but it is set at a level which enables us to work with you to spread Phonics Stars happiness and advantage to as many Children, Families and Communities as possible.

There is plenty of information on this site about becoming a Phonics Stars Class Leader.  But in short:

  1. Three days comprehensive one-on-one training in Class Delivery, Phonics Theory, Marketing and Communications and Phonics Stars™ Business Management. Located near your home.
  2. Extensive selection of branded and personalised class deliver and marketing materials and templates, ranging from balloons and banners, to business cards to your website.
  3. Full ongoing support for your business from HQ, ranging from national profile-raising to class appraisals.
  4. No real down side for talented Class Leaders. The first year requires hard work to become established, but we at HQ exist to support you, and the more Children and Families you serve in your Community, the more rewarding the experience is for all.


If you want to know more, contact us via the contact page or email us at  Phonics and Fun for Everyone!