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Cover your ears when you read this; Sam has something to shout about!

Most of our Phonics Stars™ attendees and followers know that all of us from the Phonics Stars™ family wants to make a difference and raise awareness of the importance of muscle development!

Please take the pressure away from writing before your Child is ready. It is very important that their little muscles are strong enough for hand writing. Children who haven’t had enough opportunity to work across the midline and develop gross motor skills may have trouble with reading, writing, posture and balance and those who haven’t had enough fine motor exercise opportunities may have trouble with pencil grip and the stamina to write.

We have been promoting muscle development from the start! How do we do this at Phonics Stars™ I hear you ask? We provide a range of activities which are designed to support and develop muscle strength to form a foundation to support writing as well as an opportunity for Children to share, take turns and develop good social skills. Listening is key when learning phonics; therefore listening games are used throughout the class.

Children and adults have fun taking part in the lively ‘Disco Dough Gym’ using and building those muscles in the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers and work across the midline. Not only is this great fun but by following instructions and actions Children can develop into strong super writers!

Dancing out the formation of the 4 letters families with Pom Poms to popular pop music to ‘Shake it Mark Make It’ helps Children to learn holistically and encourages children to work across the midline, which also leads into mark making, early writing and letter formation. 

All of the games and activities provided offer young Children of all abilities a range of learning opportunities which link to the Early Years Foundation Stage, letters and sounds.

I WANT TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS that it is essential for Children to have the opportunity to build muscles prior to handwriting and this is exactly why….