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Fun Phonic Activities for the Summer Holidays!

Learning doesn’t need to stop just because it’s the summer break. There’s plenty of fun phonic activities to enjoy outdoors and in the sun!

With the weather this nice, there is ample opportunity to continue helping your children develop their phonics skills. You can also have fun outside and enjoy the sun at the same time!

Here’s some fun phonic activities for the summer holidays that we think you and your child will enjoy. They’ll help your little one learn while also being active and out enjoying the great summer weather.

These fun phonic activities will also reinforce phonics theory before Phonic Stars local classes begin again!

Fun Phonic Activities for This Summer

Alphabet Watering Game

Create 4 rows of 4 letters on the pavement with chalk. Then give a watering can to your young one.

Call out a letter or letter sound. Ask your child to water the corresponding letter until it washes away!

It’s a really easy way to help your child understand letters and letter sounds. It also stops your little one from overwatering your plants when you’re not looking!

Flying Bean Bags 

Mark bean bags with words featuring a specific letter or letter sound.

On the ground, draw big chalk circles with a letter or letter sound for each circle.

Ask the children to find the ones marked for each circle. From a distance get them to throw the bean bags into the right circle.

Phonics Treasure Hunt

This phonic activity is great fun if you have a spacious garden but can also be done inside if the weather’s not too great.

Hide foam letters around the garden for your toddler to find. Then, give them a basket and go around them as they search for each letter.

When they find a letter, ask them to tell you which letter it is. Once they have understood what letter it is, ask them to put it in the basket.

Keep going until all the letters have been found and identified!

Starting Sound Game

This one is ideal for helping children learn digraphs (combined letters like ch, sh, etc).

For this game all you will need is chalk and a list of words with both digraph and non-digraph letter sounds.

Write down a choice of letters – such as s and sh, c and ch, and so forth – on separate areas of the pavement.

Then call out each word on your list and ask your little one to stand on the right letter.

A simple but fun activity to enjoy outside in the good weather!

Can you think of any other fun phonic activities for the summer holidays? Let us know and we’ll be happy to share.