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Want to help drive the Phonics Stars™ Fun Bus?

If you’re a regular Phonics Stars™ follower, you’ll know how hard we are working towards Our Cause – to help future GCSE age Students achieve the qualifications and confidence they will need by providing an enjoyable and enriching start to their education.  Everything we do is self-funded and we rely on everyone around us to help share the Phonics Stars™ happiness and advantage with as many Children, Families and Communities as possible – and so all your support and encouragement is essential to help to drive us on; and much appreciated.

Right now in the UK alone, we have 865,000 16 – 24 year olds who are officially NE
ET –‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’.  That figure represents 12% of that age group.  According to the CentreForum and Education DataLab, almost 43% of UK Primary School Pupils fail to reach national benchmark standards before they leave school.  And the UK benchmark standards are already lower than the standards reached in the best-performing countries.   The same research, from January 2016, shows that 44% of Pupils do not achieve the GCSE benchmark of five GCSEs A* – C Grade.  These are serious issues for our society and our Children’s futures in a global workplace, and so we are doing all we can limit this damage through early, low cost, intervention.

Education Minister quoteAnd our efforts seem to be paying off!  For example:

– Everyone who has experienced our classes in action has provided highly positive feedback.

– Every one of our 25 Facebook reviews has been 100 per cent 5 Star.

– As per this visual, a Qualified Primary School Teacher who has only recently started attending one of our classes was moved to write that she is ‘in awe’ and wishes that the Education Minister would visit our classes.

– And finally, we have been doing some experimental work with one Local Authority to begin to capture some robust evidence of how the engaging and fun classes we run for Pre school and Reception age Children, are changing lives for the better. Not just for Children, but for their Families, Schools and Communities too.

We have a challenge on our hands and we would love to ask everyone who supports us to consider helping us with the solution.  Here’s the challenge:  Right now we are at various stages of discussion and training with around 50 excellent Licensed Class Leaders – and being approached by more each day – though not all meet with our requirements.  They range along the length of the UK from the south coast of England to the highlands of Scotland, and across the width from Ireland to the coast of East Anglia.  But there are far too many gaps in between.  Instead of 50 Class Leaders, we wa

nt to reach 3,000 Class Leaders to enable us to genuinely deliver Phonics and Fun to Everyone who wants and deserves it across the UK.

We WILL get there – and we are having a brilliant time meeting so many wonderful Parents, Carers and additional Class Leaders; not to mention all the Superstar Learners!  But if you feel that you have something that you would like to contribute (such as some expertise, some investment, some influential contacts, some flexible hours as an HQ admin volunteer working from home) and would like to become part of this fulfilling, rewarding, but above all essential journey, then please email our Managing Director, Patrick Bell at  We want as much talent and diversity as possible to be included in our decisions and actions, and to help to hold us to account on behalf of the Children, Families and Communities we seek to serve.

And finally, we can’t pay you, but you can expect to be part of an amazing journey.  One of the reasons Phonics Stars™ has been such a success is that it has been built from the ground up – with its foundations in Sam’s hands-on experience working with young Children, and her understanding of how to change their lives for the better.  We have had no government funding, no external shareholders and we are not a charity.  The Directors have not taken any salary to date and all our income has been invested back into The Cause.  So if you believe what we believe, and have something useful to offer, we’d love to hear from you.