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Long Commute, Career Limitations, Pay Gap and Expensive Childcare? Other Lifestyles are Available.

As we enjoy the last, lazy, couple of weeks of the summer holidays with our Children at home, two perennial stories have returned to the media; both because the issues involved continue to escalate.  The dangers and implications of an ever longer average commute, and the gender pay gap.

This week, it was reported that the average UK commute is now more than an hour and extreme commuting of more than 90 minutes continues to rise. One report calls this trend ‘the killer commute’ and others blame it for adding up to 800 calories per week to the average commuter’s intake! This report by the Royal Society for Public Health outlines all of the implications and dangers of long commutes.

For your average young, free and single person, this may be one of the sacrifices that they are willing to make to build a career in the corporate world.  But for Parents, having to commute five days a week can be thpg-stop-hating-your-commute-01-fulle root cause of multiple issues.  While flexible and agile working patterns are increasingly on the agenda, for the vast majority working nine to five thirty (and in many cases plus plus plus) this is a long day away from their Families.  It often drives the need for Childcare, and, in many cases, fuels the vicious circle of having to work harder to stand still; while only spending quality time with the Children at weekends.

Meanwhile, there is little good news reported in terms of the gender pay gap.  Media reports seem to conclude that one issue at the heart of this matter is that many working Mums simply cannot prioritise both a full on Executive role at the top of their professions, whilst also balancing their natural desire to prioritise the interests of their Children.  As explained at the start, these are two perennial stories; but this latest update, plus all the subtle issues behind it, can be read here in this insightful piece by the BBC.

The reason these two matters both strike a cord with us in the Phonics Stars™ Tree House, is that the fulfilling and rewarding work that our Licensed Class Leaders undertake in helping Pre school Children to love to learn, and helping their Parents and Carers to underpin this, is all done within their local Communities and within School term time and School hours.  Our Class Leaders have to work hard, particularly during their first year, but they get all the flexibility and autonomy that they desire for their lifestyle aspirations.   As one Leader, Louise, a former Teacher from the Croydon area of London puts it:

“[Being a Phonics Stars™ Class Leader] has allowed me to continue doing a job I love, without all of the paperwork and stress.  More importantly for me, it has given me the flexibility to work the hours I want, which means I can still be there to pick my daughters up from school.”

Phonics Stars™ was created to provide early learning education to Pre school Children, and thereby to help them to achieve the qualifications and confidence they will need by the time they sit their GCSE or equivalent exams.  It is a wonderful ‘by product’ of Our Cause that we are also able to help Parents with the right life experiences and attitude to become Class Leaders and to take control of their lifestyles by building rewarding and fulfilling careers within the Communities in which they live.

Phonics Stars™ Class Leaders. No long commutes. No pay gap. Contact us here for more information.