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A new school year begins; and a reason to reflect…

Sometimes you may experience an interview in the media, or watch a virtual reality business game show, in which a business leader user tells the world how ‘passionate’ they are about the PVC windows, cup cakes or novelty toilet roll holders they produce.  Perhaps this is true on some occasions; but it rarely ‘rings true’.  The word ‘passion’ has become abused and over used in recent years.

However, if you want to experience some authentic, palpable, passion underpinning an organisation’s success, listen to this piece by our Founder, Samantha Baldwin.  It was broadcast live by the BBC in London in early September 2017.

As the interviewer perceptively recognises, the reason for the success that Phonics Stars™ achieves with so many Children now is because ‘Sam comes from a place where she really understands’.  Crucially, Phonics Stars™ was built from the ground up, not the top down.  It wasn’t conceived by academics or Whitehall mandarins.  It was squeezed into this world among marginalised families and dedicated early years professionals in between changing nappies and and feeding non-solid food to five year olds already consigned to the margins before they had even started primary school.

And this visceral experience, combined with the expertise she has gained as a professional over the years, meant that Sam was confident, committed and passionate enough to step away from the security of her full time job and regular salary; and to invest her time, talent and the family’s savings into a unique and innovative way forward.  As a result, Phonics Stars™ changes Children’s lives for the better every day.

Sam will be cross when she finds we snuck this onto the website without her involvement – because she goes bright red and squirms whenever praised!  But if you want to experience real passion in education, take a moment to listen to this.  Note also that all she is saying is for the benefit of the viewers, and it is only at the end of this fairly extensive slot that she even mentions our Classes.  Passion and expertise personified.  Dignity and class too.

Let’s close with three quotes from the past that underline all we have said here.  The first from a highly qualified teaching professional and parent who has observed a Phonics Stars™ Class:

“Your classes are absolutely brilliant and far exceeded my expectations.  GOSH!  If only our Education Minister could see them.  I am honestly in awe of you.”

And the second from one of our Licensed Class Leaders:

“I had a fabulous three days training. Sam’s passion for Phonics Stars was incredible and she is really inspirational. I’m so proud to be part of it all.”

And finally, one from Sam herself.

“I love that sometimes I learn as much from the Children as they learn from me!”

About sums her up…  Well done Sam.  The world needs more brave, inspiring and organised pioneers who are willing and able to confront difficult issues and really help others to make the most of their education and their lives.