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Phonics Fun in the Summer Sun!

Its time for Phonics Fun in the Summer Sun!  There are plenty of ways for little learners to carry on enjoying Phonics Stars ™ while our regular Classes and after school clubs are rested over the summer holidays.  Throughout the break, all our Licenced Class Leaders will be providing various summer holiday activities, holiday camps, kids camps, children’s parties and indoor activities for kids.  For more information, contact your local Phonics Stars™ Class Leader or contact us via the Contact Page on the website.

In addition, our Founder and Principal, Sam Baldwin reminds us that there are lots of other ways to integrate synthetic phonics, interactive phonics games, letter sounds and activities for Children into your summer holidays.

IMG_1351Sam says “One very simple way, is to play age appropriate versions of dear old ‘I Spy’.  If your Child is among the youngest in their Phonics Stars ™ Class, or has not been attending for long, narrow the game down to a few familiar objects on a table, starting with the initial set of letters: s,a,t,n,i,p and perhaps m,o,d,g,e.  At the other end of the scale, as the Child becomes better able, it is something you can play to while away the hours in cars, boats and trains – although the options during flights can be limited!  One little tip when travelling is to help the Child to understand not to choose items which may be visible when they ‘spy’ them, but quickly become invisible as they fade into the distance…”

“Whether enjoying time off at home, or reclined on a sunbed by a pool, some things that you can do to extend Phonics Stars ™ learning require virtually no effort or cost.  Making sure Children have access to pens and plenty of paper, even if it is scrap; including old newspapers is simple but effective. Encourage littler learners to scribble, but keep an eye on their pen/pencil grip and make sure it is correct, and bad habits are not being formed.  For those at the older end of our age range, there are thousands of sets of step-by-step instructions online to help them to draw different animals, people, flowers, buildings and everything else following simple steps.  These not only help to further develop pen grip, muscle and fine motor skills, but even the easiest versions help to them to learn to follow instructions and to problem solve.”

Sam concludes “And finally, find ways to keep those muscles and motor skills which they have built up during term time fresh and strong.  From making, needing and squeezing dough, to playing catch with soft balls, to monkey swings in the park, to making big patterns on the beach in sand; get out there and keep those little muscles active and ready for the next half term of Phonics and Fun for Everyone at your local Phonics Stars ™ Classes!  Meanwhile, its Phonics Fun in the Summer Sun!”