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Preschools and Nurseries

We love working closely with early years settings.

Read on to find out what Preschool and Nurseries have to say about their experience of working with Phonics Stars™….

Reviews and feedback from the preschools we regularly attend:


Huntingfield Preschool Croydon

“I would just like to say how much we all enjoy Phonics Stars. The children always enjoy the stimulating sessions and have such fun while learning about phonics. The activities that Sam organises are always varied, exciting and age appropriate. Her bubbly approach really encourages the children to participate with enthusiasm-they don’t realise that they are learning as it’s all hands on!I have often heard my parents comment in a positive way to their children when they see the note on the board that “It’s Phonic Stars Today”. Equally, my staff all enjoy being part of the session and we take away ideas that continue to support the children’s learning of Phonics.
I have recommended Sam to a good friend of mine who runs a pre-school in Shirley and also to a local Primary School as I think they could all benefit from Sam’s expertise!

Phonic Stars gives pre-schoolers a sound introduction to phonics in a very fun filled way. The sessions include energetic, stimulating and varied activities and Sam has a very hands on approach that encourages all the children to want to join in, even the shy ones.

As a pre-school we are able to continue with Sam’s ideas, even when she has left, as the activities are simple but effective and she is always on hand to give support and advice.

As a team we always look forward to our regular sessions and I know the children do”

Thank you to Elaine and her fantastic Team at Huntingfield Preschool Croydon.

We love visiting your preschool. The children exude happiness, the preschool is incredibly well run and you have a brilliant team. The team are always so enthusiastic to learn new skills and discover activity.

Samantha Baldwin. Phonics Stars™ Bromley, Kent.



Sunny-kids Preschool, Bromley.

“We have worked closely with Sam from Phonics Stars since we opened our first Sunny Kids setting!

Back in early 2016, Sam visited our preschool and provided a taster class, one of the first things I noticed about Sam was her love and passion for learning and making it fun! Sam displays a true sense of enrichment when she is in the presence of children. Whenever I observe her delivering a class, it is clear how rewarding her job is, she gains such happiness seeing the children thrive.

When we opened our first Sunny kids Preschool, and after seeing Sam in action, we knew that we wanted to include Phonics as part of our daily routine to gently introduce children to the world of letters and sounds, literacy and maths as well as providing fun muscle buildimg movemt and dance, and offer this through play based, strategically planned opportunities.

Phonics Stars provides the perfect lesson play. The sessions and activities make it possible for us as us a preschool to gain knowledge and ideas and even be able to adapt teaching methods each week to suit the needs of the children within our setting. It is important to us as a preschool that our children’s needs, differentiating children’s stages, ages and interests are all taken into account, we love the way we can adapt games and activities to meet the needs of our children, whilst making Phonics Fun all through play! Sam is often buzzing with ideas and suggestions and we love sharing good practise! 🙌🌈

Working with Sam from Phonics Stars been a true joy, seeing Sam’s fresh face and ready to go attitude every Monday morning has certainly been a delight not only for staff but for all the children who really look for ward to her classes.

Every week Sam provides play based opportunities which link to a specific sound and letter, and her teaching methods are so engaging that we can see how this helps the children to digest and retain information. When the team and I work closely with the children and complete our observations we have all noticed very quickly just how much the children have learnt whilst doing other activities. Our children really do respond well to the fun play activities shown by Sam each week and we replicatef and adapt further activities to reiterate their learning journey.

We have consistently received positive feed back from local primary schools with regards to their baseline scores and we have been informed that children’s transitions from our preschool to reception have been remarkable, children have adapted and found a smooth transistion with their learning areas, specifically a good start with phonics knowledge and understanding.  We beleive working in conjuntion with Sam from Phonics Stars has most definitely been a fantastic support for the children in our setting and our Sunny Kids team!

We are very proud to work with Sam and look forward to many more years with her

Thank you Jo and the rest of the Sunnykids team! 


What Phonics Stars™ have to say about Sunnykids!…

From the moment I began my working journey with Sunny kids I was warmly welcomed into the preschool, I could see straight way that this vibrant and lovely little venue was extremely child friendly and focuses on play, it was full of an array of toys, games and activities.
The staff are warm and friendly, welcoming and professional. Talking with founder and manager Josephine Godbold, it was clear to me how she was so very enthusiastic about promoting children’s learning, she was passionate about offering children and their families the support they need when settling into a new childcare setting.

The preschools are situated in the heart of West Wickham. One very close to the High Street, in Emmanuel Church, The Grove. The other setting is found within large beautiful green grass playing fields surrounding by woodland on Corkscrew Hill. Children are able to make the most of the vast fields and open space, gain some wonderful outdoor learning experiences and partake in a variety of sports and dance. Josephine told me about her experience and background in theatre, dance and arts and how she is planning to incorporate this into children’s learning.

From the very beginning I believed in Sunny kids and I was excited to see this lovely Pre School flourish into one of the most fantastic Pre Schools within the Bromley area.
I have always had high hopes for Sunny Kids Preschool and have not been disappointed. Josephine and her team prove that through good team work and determination, perseverance, hard work and a passion to make a difference, I believe that Sunny Kids is one of the most outstanding childcare provisions around.

As well as being super special, it is also brilliant value for money and offers fabulous learning opportunities across the Early Years Foundation Stage and even holds summer camps for older children over the school holiday periods.
Sunny kids goes over and above the Ofsted requirements, they are fully insured and have fantastic staff, if you are looking into Pre Schools, do not forget to check out Sunny Kids!


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