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Phonics Stars Recommendations – Best Phonics Classes

Phonics Stars ™ can make a huge difference to the early Childhood education of Children with the support and engagement of their Parents and Carers. Here are just a few Phonics Stars recommendations we have received from Parents and Carers who have attended our classes.  Most of these, and many more, can be found and validated on our Class Leaders’ Facebook pages.

“This is one of the best preschool classes I have come across and my son adores Sam’s weekly classes. I have and would still recommended this to every mummy friend; and those that have tried it out agree that Phonics Stars is fantastic. Sam has a fine talent of keeping the children engaged and has created an educational session that remains fun & energetic. “

“Your classes and you are fabulous. My Thomas has been attending your classes for a little while and he can lose his way a bit in the class, having a meltdown over the most minor thing or just simply being a little tired (as like a lot of toddlers), yet you still maintain your patience and positivity, I am so grateful for this. He wants to do everything for you, Mr Helper, so you adapted some tasks or included extra bits to encourage him take part, most would have ignored him. He amazes me the amount he picks up, pointing out at letters on signs from the car and telling me their sound and naming an object after that sound, all without prompting.”

“This isn’t your usual “ABCs” the progress I have seen has helped with everything from fine motor skills to listening & social skills along with pattern, sound and number recognition. It’s definitely educated myself who was previously rather uninspired and even unsure of what to introduce and when. I believe this class will give my son a great base for school and more importantly the confidence and exposure that I hope continues this positive association with learning.”

“Harriet has been attending your classes for almost two terms now and I have noticed such a positive change in her recognition of letters! As you focus your sessions on one letter per class it really sticks in the children’s minds and skills. Brilliant idea to get them to bring along an object/toy which starts with the letter they are learning that session. It builds the connectivity and makes it fun. It’s been a really positive experience and one I want my daughter to continue with. Well done!”

“Super! The activities are fun and great for so many of the children’s developmental skills and the session is at a great pace. My children (2.5 & 4) love it, they’ve definitely learnt a lot and they look forward to the next one. Highly recommend!”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sam and she is a fantastic role model who works hard at what she does. My Jake loves coming to Phonics Stars and now that he is finally getting to grips with all that goes on, we are seeing an increase in his language and social skills as well as recognising some sounds…it also helps Nanny too who takes him!! Cant wait to see where this half term takes him. Ill be booking until he goes to school!!”

“I love Phonic Stars as its fun, a good workout and giving me loads of ideas to share with children.”

“What a fantastic fun way for children to learn and start to sound letters. It’s a fun and active class for children where the children enjoyed, play doh, Pom poms, a parachute and different activity tables. Sam is absolutely fantastic and very experienced with children. What a joy. My daughter can’t wait for next week.”

“Sam is fantastic. A class not to be missed by parents wanting the best start for their kids”.

My son loves Phonics Stars as he learns the sounds and letters while having fun. I love it because it teaches me how to play with him and provide the right stimulation for his very hungry brain. The teacher is filled with enthusiasm and creativity. 5 Phonics Stars review.”

“We attended a trial class today in and it was brilliant. My son didn’t appear to be concentrating…but he came home and, 7 hours later, told me that “I spy O for octopus, D for daddy and M for mummy”. (I am ignoring P for crocodile!) he’s just turned 3 so this class is perfect prep for pre school. Thanks for being so welcoming, especially as I have a baby to look after in the class as well.”

“Went along last week for a trial session… What a brilliant group for fun based learning my 3.5 year old loved it and spent the rest of the day proudly telling everyone that she had learnt a new letter sound Sh! A well structured group with Early years learning at its core.”