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pre school activities

Do you believe what we believe?

A foundation for learning and fun

The Pre school activities we provide at Phonics Stars is designed to be fun, educational and interactive. We provide regular opportunities for Pre-school Children to develop their confidence and self-esteem, enhance their social skills.  They encourage listening and attention, speaking, sharing and turn taking. Above all, Children have fun learning through play. Our Pre school activities build foundations for learning in a safe, happy and stimulating environment, supporting Children with transition and School readiness.

Not everyone believes in the important role phonics plays. Others believe that ‘rising 5’ is too early to start School, let alone start learning-through-play earlier. Everyone has the right to believe different things, but we invite Parents and Carers to join our groups on the basis of our core beliefs. These four simple pointers underpin all that we so and provide the foundations for the classes we provide.

  • Learning through play: We believe that early learning through play creates an improved foundation for Pre-school Children to adapt to School life and to go on to achieve the confidence and qualifications required to achieve their potential.
  • The English Language: We believe that a fluent grasp of English, the language at the heart of international business, science, technology, sport, politics and media, is an invaluable life-long advantage.
  • Collaboration: We believe that as innovation and complex technologies increasingly underpin the economy, encouraging listening and attention, sharing and cooperation from an early age helps to develop collaborative behaviours.
  • Supporting parents and carers: We believe that Parents and Carers want to provide their Child with the best start in life. Parents and Carers gain the opportunity to develop their understanding of phonics in a fun, friendly and positive environment and support their Children’s learning and independence.

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