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Graduation Days – Congratulations to all ready for school

As the School year comes to an end, some of the amazing Children in our Classes are heading off for their summer holidays, ready for School in September.  With their muscles and fine motor skills developed; recognising sounds, letter combinations and numbers; able to read and write their names and other words and capable of forming a line; they are perfectly prepared to listen, learn and make the most of their educational opportunities.

To help to recognise and celebrate these lovely little learners’ achievements, those leaving us will receive their Graduation Certificates at their Phonics Stars ™ Classes over the next couple of weeks.  We hope that these will be given pride of place on bedroom walls for a while, before being tuScreen Shot 2016-07-11 at 18.03.50cked safely away into souvenir files as they become replaced with many more certificates in recognition of their success as they develop their way through school and further education.

All the Children who have attended our Classes will receive their own certificates too, recognising their attendance and their attainment during this year.  There are no certificates for the Parents and Carers, but of course we are very grateful for all of their participation, for bringing the Children along, and for their kind words and reviews.  Our Class Leaders have formed many friendships with Parents and Carers which are sure to endure.

Good luck to all our little leavers.  We will miss you, and we know it is a little bit scary going to Big School for the first time…  But we are certain that you are ready for school and will quickly become confident and considerate role models to everyone around you; then go on to become caring, sharing leaders in your year groups and beyond.