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Sam Baldwin Wins Female Entrepreneur with Club Hub UK

What an amazing day!

I am absolutely delighted to win an award for Phonics Stars™️ today at the Club Hub UK #clubhubawards2019

It was a true honour to present the award to the charity of the year.

A great big, huge, mahoosive thank you to every single person who voted for Phonics Stars™️ to win an award.

Thank you to our Phonics Stars™️ families, friends and followers.

A big thank you to our parents and preschools for all of your love and support!

Thank you to Tessa Robinson for organising such an amazing event yesterday! You truly worked your socks off. You should feel so proud of yourself!

It really was a brilliant day to network and celebrate ALL activity providers!

Thank you to Junior Ogunyemi and Hasan Kubba for not only being such fantastic thought provoking and inspirational speakers but also as the judges, choosing me as the winner of the female entrepreneur of the year!

Thank you to Chris Ryu The Honest Agency for sponsoring the female entrepreneur award. It honestly means so much.

Love and best wishes to you all,

Sam Baldwin
Founder | Director Phonics Stars™️