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Sudocrem all over the Leather Sofa? So what!

Encouraging handwriting in those Early years is not all about pen to paper. It’s about using opportunities to make marks.

Mark making leads to writing, whether it’s making marks in sand, flour or mud and even sudocrem on the sofa or spilled gravy on the dinner table (eeek, I know!) but our children are practicing those pre writing skills.

Offer opportunities to encourage mark making. Sticks or fingers in mud, marks on steamed up windows, chalk on patios and pavements. The opportunities are out there, they are free and above all they are fun!

Remember some of the fun dance moves in Shake it, Mark Make it? The hump, large circles, small circles, up and down, across the body? We are linking body movements to letter families and letter formation and it’s fun! We are workingpencil-grasps-1024x470 across the midline, exercising and dancing as well as working on positional language. Some of these actions can be incorporated into mark making but only if your child wants to, if they want to do their own thing this is fine and fabulous, every child needs to have the opportunity to be free to express themselves, use their imaginations and build up good relationships with mark making and writing. 

A child may spend time drawing a picture, you might think wow this is amazing and then they cover it up in black paint… Listen to the story behind the picture “the mummy, daddy and teddy went to the park and then nighttime came and then it was dark” take time to listen for the end product is not everything, listen and go on a journey.

Have fun and just remember to put the lid on the sudocrem and put it away, unlike me when my little boy was 2 and smeared it all over my leather sofa…. Hey he was mark making…. What’s the big deal?