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Super Sid the Phonics Star™ has gone viral!

Sid is at the younger end of the age spectrum of Children that attend our Classes but that has not stopped him proving that he is just as able as some of the other four and five year olds!

Aged just two years and three months, Sid has been using some of our activities to get the hang of blending and segmenting simple CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words that form an important first step on the reading and writing ladder.

Our Classes are all about building early foundations for learning through play based games, activities and through dance. Helping yScreen Shot 2017-03-12 at 08.08.11oung Children to develop an understanding of letters and sounds and build a positive relationship with Phonics. Children strengthen their fine and gross motor muscles, work across the midline, develop their posture, balance and build core strength.  With positive encouragement and gentle direction we help Children to gain an understanding of codes of behaviour as well as build confidence to speak out in groups.

It has been a pleasure to witness the Children from our Classes grow in knowledge and confidence. And we believe that the Parents and Carers who are actively involved take much credit for this. The adults enthusiasm plays a really big part. We have found those Children with parents who are actively involved and extend learning at home, even recreating the activities or building upon techniques learnt in class respond and progress very well. With support and encouragement even some of the youngest of Children prove just how capable they really are.

A couple of days since being posted, this video has reached over 15,000 followers on Facebook.  Follow these links to see super Sid in action: