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Families without ‘ Term Time Only Jobs ‘ face Childcare challenges

A new survey has highlighted the benefits of ‘ Term Time Only Jobs ‘ to Families, particularly at this time of the year.  As the end of term assemblies happen this week across the land, UK Families face another summer of high costs and limited choice as they struggle with the inadequate provision of formal Childcare.  A survey issued this week shows that 88% of Local Authorities in England, 78% in Scotland and 100% in Wales do not have sufficient holiday Childcare to meet their Families’ demands.

The HolidayTerm Time Only Jobs Childcare Survey compiled by The Family and Childcare Trust provides a rigorous explanation of how and where the gap between supply and demand varies, and calls for a raft of actions to be taken to address the issue.

However, we believe that above all, it serves to highlight how difficult life can be for millions of families where the Parents work any combination of typical office hours and shift patterns, and who are granted the standard four to five weeks of holiday across the entire twelve months, let alone the summer period.  Much as the evidence suggests that the majority of Parents believe that their Children deserve the break, managing and affording the period for many Families is a difficult challenge.

If this matter is of concern to you, then you may like to consider working in ‘ Term Times Only ‘, as we do at Phonics Stars ™.  We recognise that not everyone has the talent and ability to inspire and manage a dozen or so young Children and their Parents for a full hour, and to use our training and comprehensive manuals to run a small, profitable business.  However, those who do choose to work ‘ Term Time Only ‘ and ‘ School Hours Only ‘, can earn as much or as little as required to maintain or improve their lifestyle, and get all school holidays off!

For more information about the training, resources and support provided to help you become a Licensed Phonics Stars ™ Class Leader and to take control of your lifestyle, read here about becoming a leader, contact us via the Contact page, or email .  There is a set-up charge to get you trained, licensed and active, but the cost is minimal combined with the fulfilment, rewards and lifestyle it unlocks for those looking for a decent living with all school holidays off.