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The Amazing Benefits of Phonics in a Toddler Group Environment.

At Phonics Stars, we teach our innovative phonics activities in a toddler group settings. This is for two main reasons; the first being that a group setting allows for a fun, happy and stimulating learning environment, and the second is that there are proven educational benefits to teaching phonics in groups. Both of which are aspects that we strive for at Phonics Stars.


The benefits of phonics, and group learning environments (or learning through play), have individually been well studied and documented by educational specialists. When the two teaching theories, or practices, are brought together, toddlers can experience a fully-rounded learning experience. 


The benefits of phonics are extensive, specifically when helping children learn to read and write. It is used widely, in English speaking nations (OFSTED state it to be the preferred literacy teaching method of choice), to teach language development, and it’s not difficult to see why when you look at the results it can bring. Toddlers who learn phonics at an early age tend to start school with stronger language, speaking, listening and attention skills. All of which not only gives them a more solid start at school, but also enable them to feel confident in their learning. 


Learning through group play is also widely considered to be a key teaching practice, when it comes to development in young children. They need to learn to adapt to play-based classroom settings, from an early age, to fully benefit from the opportunities when at school. Toddlers who arrive at school with limited experience of group environments can not only suffer socially, but can also lack the muscle strength needed to hold a pencil. 


When learning phonics in groups, the combination of the benefits outlined above come together, enabling toddlers to have the best chance at being successful in their learning and development. The use of small groups also means that teachers can provide more individualised and targeted instructions, enabling them to pick up concepts individuals may need further support with. 


When phonics and group learning are combined, the end result is a stimulating and effective learning environment. One where toddlers can practice language and initial social skills, both of which are so important to development at a young age.

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