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What do U5s need for Christmas? Stimulation!

Yet another report out to raise the profile of the issues faced by many of our youngest Children.  This time Save the Children has provided some useful insights.  You can read the piece here but the findings can be easily imagined using just the three sub-headings

  • Far reaching consequences.
  • More must be done.
  • Challenging misconceptions.

Here is a bit more detail…

  • Many parents don’t realise the significance of their children’s pre-school years as a period of brain development.
  • 61% of parents thought school was the most important learning period for children.
  • Children’s early years are “absolutely critical”, and that “much more must be done to boost children’s early learning.”

And the piece concludes: “To tackle the nation’s education gap, we need a new national focus on early learning to give children the best start – not just increasing free childcare hours, but boosting nursery quality to help support children and parents with early learning.”

By all means, invite Santa to deliver all your Child dreams of this Christmas.  But once the tree is down and the new term begins, contact us to find out about joining the Children, Parents and Carers enjoying all the benefits of Phonics Stars™ Classes near you.