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Why Every Preschooler should be attending their nearest Phonics Stars classes.

I started taking my daughter to Phonics Stars in the Bromley area when my daughter was just a little over 3 years old. The class leader was Sam, who little did I know until several months later, is the founder of Phonics Stars. There are many classes around the country now held by equally enthusiastic and dedicated leaders.

Prior to starting the classes, I had done some basic alphabet work with my daughter, Z, but the classes accelerated her beyond my expectations. Within 6 weeks, Z was able to recognise and respond to all the sounds and letters and by the end of the second term, she was blending three letter words, by the end of the summer term, she was a pink band reader and by the end of the summer holidays she is a red band reader and knows many sight words.

Yes I reinforce, consolidate and spend time on this with my daughter but the reason she learned so quickly was down to the class format, enthusiasm and expert knowledge Sam has in this key area that will become the first step in any child’s school journey.

The classes are not just learning focused but encompass so much more around the development of the child that is needed to make them better writers, better communicators and better readers. Strengthening pincer grips, working hand muscles, show and tell and absolutely amazing activities that are just as creative as impactful in their delivery.

So, as a parent who has experienced this, why do I think every pre-schooler should be attending their closest Phonics Stars classes?

Here’s my top 5 reasons:

1. As a parent, I would never have known how to support Z in her learning if I hadn’t attended the classes. Some primary schools do run courses for parents but not all and the workbooks you can buy do not teach you the tricks to help your child in ways that are easy for them to progress. Reading is taught in such a different way to how we were taught!

2. It is a good way of boosting the confidence of those starting Reception or school. Having familiarity with what is being taught has got to be a good thing when they are also in the midst of getting used to the school routine.

3. Children begin practising writing some letters during preschool (like their name) but when they do Phonics, they can also extend their writing practice by being able to spell simple words because they know the sound/letter association in their minds through blending and begin to have context to what they are writing. When we were younger, we were taught to spell and then write using a completely different method but what I have seen is that when they know how to read, writing and spelling follows much more naturally.

4. Learning aside, the classes present a whole host of opportunity for socialisation, arts and crafts, music, dance and quality parent-child time. If you are a working parent and have limited classes or time to spend at classes (like me), this is the one stop shop that is guaranteed fun.

5. The value added you get from these classes is unquestionable. Just as swimming or riding a bike is a life skill we all prioritise for our children early on, in my opinion the Phonics Stars classes should be on that list too.

Just in case you’re wondering whether I am in any way affiliated with Phonics Stars or being compensated for writing this, I am not. I am simply sharing my experience and thoughts and supporting a fellow female entrepreneur.

Trusha x